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Mini-tox Essentials Lesson 2: Juice It! Juice It Real Good!

Recipe Card IconAfter kick starting the morning with a little lemon juice concoction it might seem like I am leading you down the path of a liquid diet. Au contraire! Solid food is in the horizon, if you just bare with me.

I am fortunate enough to own a juicer (a integral member of my family of small kitchen appliances), and because of this fortune when I am in need of some serious nutrients I like to whip up a little veggie juice to pack a punch fast.

Juicing is all the rage these days and I must admit I jumped on the bandwagon. Starting my morning with a fresh pressed juice is pretty awesome, and might I say, makes me feel a little self-righteous – like I am the most healthy kid on the block. Boom!

If you are into reading any alternative health or nutrition books you will know that juicing is a way to provide the body with calories and nutrients, which function to build new cells, and provide the body with enzymes which are touted to promote health and regeneration.

Fresh juice can’t really be substituted for bottled or canned, but without a juicer you can go the blender route for more of a smoothie format. Not quite the same as juice, more like liquid salad, but you will get a whack of nutrients and the benefit of a good dose of fibre too.

Here is one of my favourite combinations, especially when my liver has been taking a hit from too many cocktails. If you are not a super lover of beets, I promise the apple helps to sweeten the deal.



A Cocktail Lover’s Liver Helper Beet Juice


1″ piece of ginger, peeled

2 x carrots, peeled

2 x beets, peeled

1 x lemon, peeled

1 x green apple

1. Juice all ingredients in the above order. Shake with ice.

2. Alternatively blend all ingredients together in a blender with water or liquid of choice and a handful of ice. Strain any unwanted pulp or fibre.

Your Cheat Sheet: Why this is good for you?

  • The chemicals that give beets their bright red colour are known as betalains
  • The betalin pigment has been shown to support phase 2 detoxification which makes toxins more water soluble thus priming them for excretion
  • Lemons have a detoxifying effect. Remember lesson 1?
  • All ingredients are known to be high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and be super nutrient dense, packing a nutritious punch in just one little glass

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