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Mini-tox Essentials Lesson 3: Got your Goat?

Recipe Card IconOMG breakfast. It is one of my favourite meals of the day and although the thermometer calls for a cold creamy smoothie, sometimes I just can’t help myself from indulging in a yummy yogurt parfait, topped with this seasons farmer’s market finest. It feels just a little cruel to blend the hell out of such beautiful berries all the time!

When you are doing a full on detox it is wise to stay away from dairy of all varieties to give the body a little break, but as this is only a mini-tox I feel good about including it as long as it is of the goat variety.

While cow dairy is a fan fave in North America, it is actually the goat kind that takes the popularity prize in the rest of the world. If you are doing a mini-cleanse or have trouble digesting cow milk (& related products) here is why you should consider going goat!

  • Goat milk has smaller protein molecules and less curd tension that cow milk making it easier for us humans to digest
  • Goat milk actually contains higher levels of calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and riboflavin than that from the cow
  • Goat milk does not contain the same complex proteins that cow milk does and therefore does not cause an immune response in our body – Fun fact, children who suffer from a sensitivity to milk often show less symptoms (wheezing, eczema, ear infections, digestive issues) when they ditch the cow and go goat
  • Goat milk is high in tryptophan, the precursor to your happy hormone serotonin – don’t we all want more of that?

For a quick and easy breakfast I like to add some seeds, honey and plain old goat yogurt to a good old fashion mason jar the night before. Top with the berries du jour in the morning, and you have a portable breakfast. Throw it in your purse and enjoy while you linger over work email… Or celebrity gossip, your call.



Goat Yogurt Parfait


1 x Tbsp chia seeds

2 x Tbsp hemp hearts

1/4 cup large flaked oats

3/4 cup plain goat yogurt

drizzle of honey (optional)

fresh berries of choice


  1. The night before place chia seeds, hemp hearts and oats in mason jar. Shake to combine
  2. Top with yogurt and honey. Stir to mix with seeds & oats
  3. The next morning top with fresh berries, and enjoy

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