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Floral Love & Bestie Pride – Walnut Lavender Thyme Butter

Recipe Card IconFloral love. Do you have it? I do, and such is the inspiration for today’s post. What is floral love you may ask? Well, outside of the intense emotional felling for all the beautiful flowers that nature grows, it is the beaming pride that I have for my best friend and her hyper-talented creative skills that landed her, and her flower-power partner (coincidentally our roommate in 1st year) on the pages of this month’s Flare.

Housed in a shared studio space in Downtown Toronto, Patchouli was started in 2012, and in just 12 short months has become the creative consumer’s choice for flowers for all occasions. With so much floral love, I needed to celebrate Laura and Alex’s success the only way I know how… by making something delicious.


Just as a bouquet of fresh flowers elevates a room, so too can cooking with them. Fragrant and health promoting, edible flowers can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. I mean, you feel special when someone gives you flower; so too does your food.

As an ode to all my floral love, I wanted to play around with one of my favourites: lavender. Used traditionally in French cooking, lavender’s perfumed and slightly sweet taste, pairs well with chocolate, goat cheese, and honey…. Have you ever tried lavender honey? If not, you need to. You are missing out.

walnut butter diptych

Medicinally, lavender has been shown to calm an anxious mind and promote quality sleep. In fact, if you steep some of the dried flowers in hot water, you get a calming tea as powerful as chamomile. Good news for a girl like me who despises chamomile tea with every fibre of her being.

In the spirit of elevating the everyday, I thought, why not take a nut butter, the stuff schlepped on toast and shoveled by the spoonful daily, and make it fancy; like party nut butter. Walnuts are a good match for lavender. Just a quick Google search will net you all sorts of recipes for walnut lavender cakes, shortbreads, and scones… all of which are now on my recipe radar.

If you don’t have a food processor or a high power blender I would think you could chop the herbs finely and mix into the pre-made butter. No matter how you create the final product, I definitely suggest a drizzle of honey. So, so very good.

To floral love & bestie pride.



walnut butter01

Walnut Lavender Thyme Butter

2 x cups raw walnuts

1 x tsp dried lavender

1 x tsp thyme

1 x large pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 325°F
  2. Place walnuts on a baking tray in a single layer. Bake for 15 minutes, or until fragrant.
  3. Allow walnuts to cool. Add to the bowl of food processor or high powered blender
  4. Process nuts on medium/high speed, until the release their oils and become buttery in consistency (just like your store bought almond or peanut varieties)
  5. Add in salt, lavender and thyme. Process again until combined

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