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Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Melts

Recipe Card Icon_edited-2Happy New Year!! 2013 has been one amazing year for me and while I am sad to see it go, I do love the freshness of something new. What will I do? How will I grow? Or more importantly, where will I go? So many unanswered questions really keeps life exciting, non?

In year’s past, this would be the time of year I would fall prey to the resolution trap, promising myself to do better, be different, strive for perfect. Thankfully, after a lot of hard work, I ditched this way of thinking for good. It was usually met with disappointment anyway, as come February, I was still me, faults and all.

I stumbled upon this article a few weeks ago, and knew it was perfect for a New Year’s post; mainly because it combined my love of food with my eternal cheerleader who has an insatiable need to inspire others to be their best, their healthiest, and their happiest.

swiss cheese

All of us have a Swiss Cheese Personality, (aka one with holes), and no matter how put-together, shiny, happy, or perfect, that person on your Facebook or Instagram account may appear, they have faults, just like the rest of us.

Our “holes” are unique to us; some larger, some smaller, and undoubtedly in different places than even our closest friends or family. It is accepting the fact that we all have them, that allows us to forgive ourselves and start dealing with the s#!t that we want to change about ourselves.

To me, this is by no means an excuse to accept average, but it is a reminder to chill out, and cut yourself a little slack as you move towards healthier habits. If you know you need to eat healthier, don’t overhaul your entire diet in one week, you will only leave yourself feeling deprived and sad. Think about the flavours and textures that you love the most and try replicating them with real, whole foods. Need to get a little bit more active? Trust me, don’t go guns-blazing to the gym next Thursday. You will be sore, tired and unmotivated to go back on Friday. Start slow, but push yourself a little harder each and every day. Want to be a nicer person? Try starting with a little more kindness to the person you love the most. Good deeds after all are infectious. Instead of the annual resolution list why not this year concentrate more on being you, and doing the things you love that help you be the best you ever?


As we move into 2014 eat good food, move your body, do what you love, and never ever accept feeling anything less than great. Life is too short to be nothing shy of awesome.

Have the happiest, healthiest, and most wonderful 2014!

PS In the new year my blog will be moving over to a new server. Everything will stay the same, but if you follow me via email you will need to sign up again. Sorry for the inconvenience and lots of love for following! 



mushroom swiss cheese toast

Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Melts

Butter & oil for pan

Large handful of mushrooms, sliced

1 clove of garlic, minced

2-3 sprigs of thyme, finely chopped

2 slices of bread, toasted.

swiss cheese, sliced thinly


  1. In a large skillet melt a combination of butter and oil. Sauté mushrooms until they have released their water and are just starting to brown. At that point add garlic and thyme and continue sautéing for an additional minute until garlic is fragrant. Season with salt and pepper to taste
  2. Set oven to broil. Top toasted bread with mushroom mixture and swiss cheese.
  3. Place on baking sheet and broil on top rack until cheese is melted.

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